MKH talks about new song for ‘God Of War III’ Game

先週のニュースになりますが、PS3のゲーム ‘God of War III’ のためにTriviumが新曲を書き下ろしました。今のところ、このゲームのためだけ、のようです。

要約(by Blabbermouth

Florida metallers TRIVIUM have just finished writing and recording a new song for God of War III, the next installment in the God of War series, currently in development for the PlayStation 3. The game was announced at E3 2008 and is due for release in March 2010. It is the fifth chapter in the series chronologically, after God of War: Chains of Olympus, God of War, God of War: Betrayal and God of War II.
TRIVIUM’s participation in the game was revealed yesterday (Tuesday, October 20) during guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy’s interview with Kidd Christoff of Baltimore’s 98Rock radio station, which can be streamed using the audio player below.
In a recent interview with The Daily Rock, TRIVIUM guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy stated about the songwriting process for the band’s next album, “Yeah, we have some stuff ― not as a whole band, but each individual guy has maybe ten to twenty songs. I have done about fifteen, but I have gotten rid of all but six because I kept the good ones as I kept going on, the newer songs I was writing were stronger and better so I got rid of the ones that weren’t as good. Paolo [Gregoletto, bass] has a bunch of songs, like twenty or so, but he keeps cutting back as well. Everyone keeps writing as many as they can, but then cutting back the weak ones and not worrying about trying to make them better songs. . . We have all loose ideas right now. Musically, it is getting closer to finishing a more realized idea but lyrically and generally, with the entire record not being written and purely in the developmental stages, we are thinking of it as something that we want to be recognized by any kind of fan, whether you like metal or not, whether you speak English or not, ‘cause we are definitely a band that travels internationally around. I have done a style of words that is almost hard to interpret even if you speak English, so I’m not saying we are dumbing ourselves down, but I want it to be universally translatable no matter where we are. I don’t know how to make that happen, but we definitely want it to sound like TRIVIUM but with the best possible songs. We always try to keep true to what our heart is as a band but we want to diversify, and not diversify for the sake of ourselves, but to find where we are going as a band. Nowadays, we know more of what is right for our sound. If we look across all four records, we know what kind of parts should be there for the next thing and what shouldn’t be there.”


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