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from “Ascendancy”
“Dying in Your Arms” (2005)

from “The Crusade”
“Anthem (We Are the Fire)” (2006)
“The Rising” (2007)

from “Shogun”
“Into the Mouth of Hell We March” (2008)
・・・ as Madden NFL 09 soundtrack
“Down from the Sky” (2008)
“Throes of Perdition” (2009)

Music Videos
from “Ascendancy”
“Like Light to the Flies” (2004, director: Dale Resteghini)
“Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr”(2005, director: Dale Resteghini)
“A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation” (2005, director: Shane Drake)
“Dying in Your Arms” (2006, director: Bill Yukich)
“Rain” (2006)

from “The Crusade”
“Entrance of the Conflagration” (2006, director: Dale Resteghini)
“Anthem (We Are the Fire)” (2006, director: Nathan Cox)
“The Rising” (2007, director: Artifical Army)
“To the Rats” (2007, director: Jim Parsons)
“Becoming the Dragon” (2007, director: Ramon Boutviseth)

from “Shogun”
“Down from the Sky” (2008, director: Ramon Boutviseth)
“Throes of Perdition” (2009, director: Ramon Boutviseth)

“Shattering the Skies Above” (2010, director: Ramon Boutviseth)
“Slave New World” (2010, Paolo Gregoletto)

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